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Kiwi's Care, L.L.C. 
P.O. Box 1164-33480
Town of Palm Beach 
Palm Beach, FL 33480-1164 
United States of America 

Customer Service: 
Telephone:+1 561 901 2024 

Customer Service


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Welcome to Kiwi's Care

"Kiwi's Care" Commitment: The personal attention of any property, to include any and all services and service providers that come to the client site, ie: cleaning, pool service, in-house maintenance, client arrival and departure procedures, yacht care, car care, any and all household systems (down to placing the right water and milk in the right fridge to checking that all household equipment is in working order, clean, serviced and ready for client use). Special attention paid to any ocean front locations where there are many special needs: Hurricane readiness, damage assessments, as well as repair and property recovery after a storm. We can also help set up security systems for new properties. We can handle any concerns and/or services required by the client.

(Note: All work is billable per the terms of our service contract).

No job is too big or too small. We pride ourselves on taking care of our clients requests down to the very last detail.

We strive to take the worry out of your fast paced world by making it safer and less stressful. We manage any situation with care, experience and understanding.

 We are currently located in Palm Beach, Florida but arrangements can be made for any services needed outside of the immediate area. Contact us for further information.


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